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Dust Collector: Why it is so important to manufacturing plants or factories?

Dust Collector: Why it is so important to manufacturing plants or factories?

What is a dust collector system?

A dust collector system is a type of air pollution control system that is mainly used in many industries, factories or warehouses, to remove dangerous and harmful particles from the air or the gases during the production and manufacturing process. It removes harmful dust particles through exhaust stacks and ducts and provides safety to the environment and workplace. A dust collector is installed on the material handling system or product collection system.

Dust Collector: Why it is so important to industries or factories?

Nowadays, there is one major problem being faced is the PM level (particulate matter level) in the air that specifies as Air Quality Index (AQI). The PM level directly affects the lungs which asthma and other breathing problem issues can happen. It also impacts eyes and vision. It causes many dangerous and harmful effects on the human body’s respiratory system.

With regards to industrial pollution, it has a direct effect on employee’s health in the working area as they are directly in contact with various pollution levels inside the factories.
There are various operations in the industries or factories that produce a lot of dust and surround the work environment.

The workers get directly contacted with such dust particles and can have various health issues. That’s why it is very important to provide a safe and healthy environment to employees by collecting or extracting these harmful airborne dust particles.

Most Popular Dust Collector System

Cartridge Collector System
Cyclone Dust Collectors
Electrostatic Precipitators
Shaker Dust Collector System
Pulse Jet Dust Collector System

Components used in Dust Collection System

The dust collecting system is also referred to as filter receivers require an extensive look at all of the specifics components, applications, and environmental requirements. Components include blower, bucket elevators, bagging system, conveyor transfers, dust filter, filter cleaning system, dust receptacle, and dust removal system, etc.

Working Principle of a Dust Collector

Many different kinds of mechanisms are used within dust collectors or dust removal systems depends upon the type of dust collector. Drums or bags are normally used to fill heavy dust particles and once it is full, workers empty it or replace them.

Enclosed boxes that are connected to pipes to funnel dust particles into them, typically used for light dust loads and non-hazardous dust.

Rotary Airlock Valves, which handle combustible dust, are used in larger systems; work between the collector and the bins to minimize loss of product. Screw conveyors are used to carry dust to designated disposal areas, normally used in industries that deal in agricultural products, chemicals, minerals, metals, and wood.

The advantages of dust collectors

Dust collection equipment is used to separate heavy dust particles and reduce the load on the fabric filter. A dust collector can be used to keep an industrial work environment dust-free, reduce risks, and improve productivity. It provides maximum efficiency and reduces operational costs at lower power consumption. Industrial dust collectors extend equipment life not only by decreasing cleaning and repair costs but overall facility maintenance costs. It increases the efficiency of operations and protects against fire and explosion.

A dust collector is very necessary to meet the challenges caused by material dusting at facilities. The dust collecting system helps keep the work environment dust-free, thereby reducing the risks such as damage, fire, explosion by material dust produces from manufacturing processes that contain nuisance dust and fumes too.

Which dust collector suits your requirement?

Effective dust collectors are specifically designed to filter hazardous dust particulate into the work environment to improve air quality. But, which one suits your requirement?

By selecting the right dust collecting system fits your needs and extends the life of the dust collector as well as maximizes efficiency and system performance.

A highly efficient dry dust collecting system is a great choice that is specifically designed and used for the dry particulate with light or heavy dust loading, cartridges, and baghouses collectors. A dry dust collector is available in a variety of designs and models that help you find the perfect one for your objective.

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