Designing smart dental implants to last longer


Technology is growing at a lightning speed and this is a boon for humanity. There are amazing solutions we are getting such as smart phones, smart watches, smart gadgets that have made life easy. Today we can also have smart implants and you will be amazed to know its features. Smart dental implants are the invention of researchers at Pennsylvania University. This dental implant can resist the growth of bacteria which is quite common in our mouth. Surprisingly it can also generate electricity as it has piezoelectric qualities. The electricity will produce can power up light for phototherapy. This will provide protection of periodontal tissues from disease and inflammation.
More about smart dental implants
There are millions of people on this planet who are having dental implants. It is used to replace missing teeth that are injured due to cavities, decay, or disease. According to its design, it stays up to 20 years if it is more securely fitted. There is no guarantee that it will last so long as it might need replacement after5-10 years. The issues that need replacement, again and again, are due to inflammation or periodontal disease that forces people to repeat the process of the dental implant. This was always the issue and experts in the field have come up with a more powerful solution that will last longer than is for a lifetime. Smart dental implants are not simple implants they have technology in them and totally fit the needs of modern men.
What are the features of smart dental implants?

  • Smart dental implants is having 2 new technologies which are
  • A Nano-particle-infused biofilm material that can resist the growth of bacteria
  • Another technology is embedded with light that delivers phototherapy

Now you might be thinking from where it will get the juice so it draws power from chewing, brushing, etc. that will promote the health of tissues. Natural motion is going to give the power to recharge the battery. It is a successful technology that can give protection to your tissues. You will not be facing any bacterial challenges when you will have a smart dental implant.
The cause of the dental implant failure is bacteria and this is what experts have stressed on and that is eliminating the issue by giving dental implant bacterial biofilm. Experts have eliminated bacteria which now are going to increase the life of your dental implant. To know more about smart dental implants you must consult dental implants Exton PA smirks. Here you are going to get expert consultation on every dental implant issue at competitive rates in the dental industry. Not only this, but they have a team of professionals to help.

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