Do the Cons of a Property Dealing Without A Realtor Help Outweigh the Pros?


Many properties come up for sale. And there is a small percentage of people who like to deal with the buyers directly. There is no involvement of any realtor company or any other middleman here. You have even buyers who prefer to buy one of such homes or estates for sale in Los Angeles coming up with no real estate agent connection. But are such deals beneficial? And what are the pros and cons of such dealings?

The advantages

  • Buyers can save money
  • No involvement of middlemen
  • Easily buy a home from a direct connection

The disadvantages

  • No much expertise available
  • Access to information limited
  • Knowledge of real estate inadequate
  • Help in negotiation zero
  • Need to put in all the efforts

As you can see, when you buy property in Los Angeles without expert help, you have to double up as many experts. And with limited knowledge and no much negotiation skills, you may not achieve much. You may not save too. You may have to pay a fee to the realtor, but the chances of being cheated and being sold a faulty home reduce to a large extent. So, it is always advisable to buy or sell your home through a certified realtor. He or she will help you save a lot of effort. And then it will be worthwhile to pay a small fee for his or her services. Why not contact for such services?

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