Do you know about climate change’s effect and its prevention?


Today we are living in a very serious situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change and environmental damage everywhere. People are mentally and financially ill. We are responsible for this situation. At present, the price of crude oil is getting higher every day, but if we think better for ourselves and our next generation’s future then we have to do something for the betterment of the environment.

The effects of temperature change aren’t refined any longer. The challenges it presents square measure threatening- not simply our approach of life, however, swing the long run of the globe on unstable grounds. As a growing country, India must develop a road map for however temperature change impacts its development and take initiatives that square measure property in nature.


The state of affairs

An increase in the mean annual temperature has brought forth unexampled spells of weather conditions across the globe and has effects on countries with a heat climate. The shift in temperature is predicted to occur much more times whereas encompassing way larger areas than seen before. There has been a recorded decline in monsoon precipitation levels since 1950. And it’s suspected that a 2°C rises within the world’s temperature can build India’s monsoon even a lot of unpredictable. Amendment in Monsoon might flood sure states in India, whereas another state could witness frequent droughts.


Agency Work on renewable energy

An Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency works for Renewable energy for its enhancement at the Indian level where also stats also involve in as state-level like Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA), it works to promoting and develop new and renewable sources of energy and technologies and to promote and implement energy conservation, energy efficiency and save energy. Efforts are being made to develop the capacity in renewable energy sources such as solar energy, small-scale hydroelectricity, and biomass-based electricity production in the state. Many solar plants are being installed for electricity generation. In addition to this, small-scale hydroelectric projects are being implemented in collaboration with private entrepreneurs.

We are doing an energy-saving campaign to develop awareness on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to students, schools, institutions, organizations, the public, etc.


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