How do I know if I should hire an employment attorney?

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    There are lots of scenarios where you should always talk to an employment attorney. One of the most common of these is when your employer has violated state or federal employment laws. This can happen, for instance, when they fail to pay for overtime or deny you rest breaks which they are mandated by the law to provide.

    Another important reason to call an employment attorney is when you’re being discriminated against in your workplace. This can either be due to your race, age, religion, or disability. All of these are solid grounds to speak with an employment attorney.

    You always want to be state-specific or even city-specific. So if you’re being discriminated against in a Los Angeles company, it makes sense to talk to a Los Angeles employment attorney.

    Other reasons to hire an employment attorney include wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, failure to provide accommodation, and wage theft, among others. Feel free to check out this page for more information on the topic.

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