How does a confrontation between the parents destroy relations between them and their children?


The root cause of all these things is your company. The child has the company of man and women, most of his time spent with parents therefore whatever your child learns, learns from you. The man and women constitute 50 to 80 percent of the child’s company except for the neighboring playground and school he/she goes to but who is the one who provides them a company, these two people the man and the women, so it is these two that he has principally got for a company. And if you are in the company of people who are always fighting then what effect will it have on his/ her mind and to understand this problem and root it out, you need family therapy in West Palm Beach.  It’s a very bad thing to happen to anybody worse if it happens to the impressionable mind of a child, when you are fighting you become extremely selfish. When you are fighting then the ego is aroused to unimaginable levels, you forget all about anybody else in the moment of aggressive excitement you are the petty ego.

But in the end you have to find a solution to these problems and to understand this behavior you need a therapist in West Palm Beach fl


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