How is bolt size determined?

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    A bolt’s size is commonly expressed in inches or millimetres. The most popular unit of measurement is the inch, but smaller bolts are more frequently measured in millimetres. When determining the size of a bolt, it is crucial to choose the appropriate unit because the two measurements are not interchangeable.


    Most bolts are measured in inches, which is indicated by the number “1” followed by the word “inches” or a “in” abbreviation (e.g., 1in”) (e.g. 1 inch). The number that comes after the “1” designates the length of the bolt in inches. A bolt that is marked as 1in x 2-1/2in would therefore be 1 inch length and have a 2-1/2 inch diameter.


    Bolts smaller than one inch in diameter are often measured in millimetres rather than inches. The letter “mm” followed by a number stands for millimetres (e.g. 6mm). The number following mm denotes how many millimetres the bolt is long, much like with inches.


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