How much does it cost to develop a pizza delivery app?


Pizza Delivery App Development Cost & Features

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  1. With the world growing mobile-friendly, we have seen some exceptional mobility solutions for practically every industry.


    If talk regarding on-demand mobile apps then we should not forget the food delivery app. With the current growth of app users, food delivery apps have become most popular day by day. Pizza is one of the most loved food items in the world and that is the reason so many food joints prepare & deliver delicious pizza to the user’s specific location. With the help of the on-demand Pizza delivery app, customers will get their ordered pizza within 30 minutes after placing the order. It will help business proprietors to generate more customers.


    The Pizza delivery app development processes have stepped up in the current scenario. Because moreover restaurant owners & food outlets have started an additional service of on-demand food delivery. With the pizza delivery app, customers can online order pizza from their favorite place anytime & anywhere. Pizza restaurant owners will be allowed to accept orders from the delivery app and get the pizza ready. And a delivery person who is signed up for the pizza delivery apps makes the delivery at the doorstep of the customer and makes a particular commission for themselves.


    How much does it cost to develop the Pizza Delivery app?

    At AppClues Infotech, we are well-known for on-demand app development and happy to become your on-demand pizza delivery app development partner. Our unique expertise in the field of on-demand delivery apps helps you to develop your business reach and make your product viable.


    The cost of an on-demand pizza delivery application lies between $10,000 to $25,000 depending on the various features and functionality you are looking for.


    Features for On-Demand Pizza Delivery App:

    For Users:

    • Sign up/Login
    • Profile Settings
    • My Orders
    • Discount Codes
    • Search By Name or Category
    • Details Page of Pizza
    • Checkout Process
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Add to Cart Option
    • Schedule Delivery
    • Order Tracking


    For Store Owner:

    • Login
    • Edit Profile
    • Add & Manage Menu Items
    • Manage Customers Orders
    • Manage Customers Reviews
    • Update The Status – Preparing/Parcel Ready/Delivered
    • Reports – Based On Orders, Menus, Customers


    Know Some Notable Features of the On-Demand Pizza Delivery Apps

    • In-App Chat
    • Voice Calls
    • Wallet
    • Help & Support
    • Checkout Process
    • Easy Registration
    • In-App Payments


    Admin Panel Features

    • Super Admin
    • In-App Chat
    • Voice Calls
    • Wallet
    • Help & Support
    • Checkout Process
    • Easy Registration
    • In-App Payments


    Store Admin

    • Sign up/Login
    • Accept or Decline Booking Requests
    • Customer Reviews
    • View User Details & Requests
    • Catalogue Management
    • RAT Settings
    • Order Management
    • Check Daily & Weekly Earning


    Hire on-demand delivery app developers from AppClues Infotech and get cost-effective solutions. If you want to know detailed information regarding the pizza or food delivery app, contact us. We are proficient to serve you excellent app development services as per your custom requirement.

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