Is India still dominated by western culture?


Is India still dominated by western culture?

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  1. It is true that India is still ‘imperialized’ by western culture and are themselves responsible
    for either exporting self to the west or importing west here.

  2. Notwithstanding with the fact that India is so rich and diverse, with a plethora of festivals, religion
    is still succumbing to first world countries.

  3. Constant hype of the advancement, technology, schools, standard Western countries and lack of
    self-belief are all leading to this.

  4. Western culture cannot be belittled and negated completely, there are a few things which can be
    imbibed like self-esteemed, gender equality and not to be afraid of anyone.

  5. It would not be wrong to say that Indian people are suffering from ‘an identity crisis’.

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