The Basics of Aseptic processing ?

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    What is Aseptic Processing?

    Aseptic processing is a method of preparing pharmaceutical and medical products that involve sterilizing the product and the package separately, transferring the product into the container, and closing the container under ISO Level 5 conditions, with processes in place to protect pharmaceuticals, packaging, equipment, and supplies against microbial contamination throughout processing.

    Aseptic Processing Technique

    Procedures are used in this technique to prevent germs from contaminating medications, packaging, equipment, or supplies during processing. Procedures are used in this strategy to prevent

    The Role of Aseptic Processing and Packaging

    The aseptic filling of a commercially sterile product into sanitized containers, followed by hermetic handling with a sterilized closure in a microorganism-free environment, is known as aseptic processing and packing.

    The air supply and equipment in an aseptic processing facility are managed to control microbial contamination. Without further contamination, the items are processed and packaged. Should filter the air in specific regions of an aseptic processing facility to obtain the required air quality values.


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