What are electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems in the retail industry and why are they popular?


In retail environments, electronic point of sale systems make it easier to process payments and promotions, track inventory, and manage supply chains. Throughout the retail industry, EPOS systems can be seen: a basic EPOS terminal often consists of a computer, linked to add-on hardware such as barcode scanners, card readers, and receipt printers.

EPOS systems are popular because they can help Head Office  improve demand forecasting, minimise inventory, and manage multiple selling channels with ease. In summary, electronic point of sale makes business processes more streamline, while helping to improve customer service.

Implementing a great electronic point of sale (EPOS) system is the first step to managing a great retail business. Why not look into an established vendor with experience managing global POS software. Companies such as Eurostop offer a free software demo to help retailers understand the benefits of their software – learn more about your options today.

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