What are some good ways to make my company have a positive impact?

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    I can think of a few good ways for you to help your business have a positive impact on the world. I think a lot of it comes down to setting the right priorities. You know, think globally, act locally, that sort of thing. Most businesses aren’t big enough to change the world, but you can have a big impact on the life of your employees and the local community.

    Start by being a good employer. By doing your best to make sure your employees have peace of mind and the tools, they need to succeed. It isn’t just about giving them more money — making sure they are not constantly miserable can also have a big impact on their lives. But of course, paying them better is also great.

    Another angle worth tackling is the overall environmental impact of your company. Businesses can take care of the environment in ways big and small — you can start by doing your best to choose materials and suppliers who will have a smaller impact on the environment. Recycling more and minimizing waste is also good idea.

    Keep an eye out for chances to donate things that might have gone to the trash. There are plenty of organizations that will gladly accept old cardboard boxes, office supplies, and other items that you would typically throw away.

    Finally, another huge way you can have a positive impact is by working with local charities, NGOs, and government programs that are aimed at helping people. For example, there are many organizations out there dedicated to helping people with disabilities find work. atWork Australia is a good example, as this website shows.

    You can make a big difference by making your company available for those organizations. And by considering and hiring candidates that are a good match for your company.

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