What do EKG technicians do?


An EKG – also known as an electrocardiogram – is most often used to check patients for heart diseases or abnormalities. These tests cannot be performed by just anyone; EKG technicians work hard to earn their certification to be able to correctly test patients and prepare the information gathered for doctors to review.


EKG technicians perform the tests by using a variety of techniques. The first is to make sure the patient is relaxed; someone with an overactive heart rate will not have an accurate reading. They then start the process of placing 12 electrodes on the patient’s torso that are essential to getting successful EKG results. The 12 electrodes send impulses to the EKG machine which the technician monitors during the testing process. After the test is finished, the technician removes the electrodes and sends the information to the doctor to analyze. If the patient’s EKG is inconclusive, the technician may be asked to repeat the process to get a clearer reading. If you’re thinking about becoming an EKG technician, Explore Medical Careers might be able to help.

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