What is Bee pollen powder and its advantages?

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  1. Bee pollen is a powder that is collected from flowering plants by bees. It is a nutritious substance, containing significant amounts of protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, carotene, minerals, essential fatty acids and plant sterols. For individuals who lack energy and suffer from depression, bee pollen provides B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and iron. These vitamins and minerals support the adrenal gland (gives you the get-up-and-go energy), brain (supports the production of brain chemicals) and blood (boosts the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood).

    Bee pollen contains plant sterols and vitamin C, both of which support the immune system. Plus bee pollen is an antimicrobial agent. It is used to treat seasonal allergies and colds and flus. People with intestinal diseases or cancer may find bee pollen helpful because of its easy to use nutrients and immune regulating properties.

    Bee pollen can be purchased fresh, freeze dried or encapsulated. Fresh bee pollen should be in an airtight container and should not clump together. Bee pollen is often found in combination with other bee products, like royal jelly and propolis, or in formulas for immune boosting or allergies. If you are using bee pollen for allergies local pollen is the most effective.

    Do not use bee pollen if you are allergic to bees. To ensure that you do not react to bee pollen take a small amount first and watch for signs of any reaction. They can include rash, hives, wheezing and swelling.

    for more details check https://www.nationalnutrition.ca/articles/supplements/bee-pollen/

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