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    Fluid bed dryer began as very efficient dryers, but with the addition of spray nozzles, they quickly evolved into granulators. Bottom spray granulation, also known as bottom spray coating, provided for extremely efficient coating. As a result of the rotor technology, the fluid bed processor was eventually prepared for the manufacturing of pellets. No other technology in the pharmaceutical industry today covers such a broad variety of procedures in a single system at such a cheap cost.


    With the unique revolutionary swirl generating technology, full fluidization is ensured, as well as exceptional consistency of coverage and significant returns on the end product. The main challenge is achieving optimal and uniform granule coverage. Regardless of grain size, all grains in the coating process should have the same coating thickness. VJ Instruments has invented a novel fluid bed processor that allows for different processing options while also saving money. VJ Instruments have many pharmaceutical instruments like coating tablet machine , double cone blender


    The fbd fluid bed dryer from VJ Instruments is a novel drier and coater that has been designed to handle smaller trial batches of pellets. It is extremely portable and can handle both aqueous and organic film coating solutions. A comprehensive control panel allows you to keep track of and record all of the Fluid bed processor’s parameters.


    VJ Instrument’s Fluidized Bed Processor, a revolutionary dryer and coater, adapted to handle smaller trial batches of pellets. In addition to handling aqueous as well as organic film coating systems, it is extremely portable. An advanced control panel helps you to monitor and record all the settings for the Fluid bed processor.

    The fluid bed processor was ultimately prepared for the production of pellets as a result of the rotor technology. In the pharmaceutical business, nowadays, no other technology covers such a broad range of procedures in a single system at such a low cost.



    Fluidized-Bed Processor Components




    1. Cylinder/Container/Bowl Coating


    A center cylindrical section made of SS-316 grade steel makes up the coating basin. On the upper cylinder, a glass cylinder is provided for viewing while coating.



    1. Heater


    The heater raises the temperature of the incoming air to the required level for drying the pellets. It can supply air at any temperature between ambient and 90 degrees Celsius.



    1. Essential Pipe


    The exhaust pipe removes undesirable fumes and dust from the coating bowl caused by core pellets and coating material.



    1. Spritz Gun


    Spray guns are included, and they can be used on both the top and bottom of the spray coating. The spray gun sprays the coating solution onto the pellets in droplets. Its outstanding performance is due to the employment of a new variety of stainless steel nozzles and metered dozing via peristaltic pumps. Along with its standard, it is easily changeable.


    Depending on the viscosity of the fluid, droplet sizes can range from 50 to 5000 microns. Spray guns come with a basic nozzle size of 1 mm, however, customized sizes are also available depending on the application.




    1. Microcontroller


    The advanced control panel, which is based on a PLC, has a 4-inch touch screen and gives you complete control over the coater’s settings.


    Peristaltic Pump is a term used to describe a pump that is used to through a silicon pipe, the peristaltic pump supplies the exact amount of solution to the spray cannon.



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