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  1. Construction material
    While each construction project will use different materials, the types of materials used vary. In residential construction, the house is usually constructed around a wooden frame. As residential buildings are small, they require less reinforcement. Timber is adequate for structural needs and is more cost-effective.

    A commercial building becomes very large, however, so it requires more support. A wooden frame will fall under the weight of a commercial building. For this reason, commercial construction prefers steel frames. It is stronger and supports larger buildings better. It is more malleable than timber, allowing tall buildings to sway just a small amount, which makes them better able to stand up to high winds.

    This is the big one. This may sound obvious, but the cost difference for similarly sized buildings can be surprisingly large. Commercial construction is always more expensive. Wood is more expensive than wood, but it has other factors. Commercial construction is run on a tight schedule, so workers need to be more efficient to meet those deadlines. Which makes their work more expensive. Different permits and regulations are also required for the two types of construction and this greatly changes the cost.

    Permits and Regulations
    Compared to residential construction, commercial regulations are much more strict. Materials, methods of manufacture, electrical and plumbing systems, and even how they can be designed are all very tightly regulated. These rules vary greatly between states or even between cities. Commercial contractors have to know the rules well if they want their company to succeed.

    While residential buildings still have to follow the building code, the rules are simple. Buildings are small and simple in design (usually), so there are very few factors to consider in their construction. To learn more information, call Garrem Construction at 561-451-7323 and visit here:

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