What is the state of gender equality in India?


HCCB has been a champion of gender equality over their many years as India’s leading Beverage company. The many different interventions they have carried out for the local communities have always had a primary focus on making the women in the area self-sufficient.

Everything from teaching lessons in business to of women in the very depths of India’s rural areas, to making them self-sufficient and at par with men in every sense of the word. Employing women in HCCB’s exciting and challenging work environment is another important move the company has been taking to make sure that equal opportunities are made available to both parties. In their factory in Sanand in Gujarat, 40% of the workforce is comprised of women. Some of HCCB’s female employees are the primary care givers to their respective families, and not the men.
Women empowerment in India has been a hot topic for ages. In a country where women do not get the right representation they deserve, and are constantly plagued by the prejudices of patriarchy, any attempts at gender equality is a far cry from reality, unless approached in a proactive manner. And this is exactly what HCCB is doing. By bringing resources to every man, woman and child, and helping build a better tomorrow.

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