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  1. B2B competition is growing day by day to become superior in the Business world. In this case, business owners get more interested to make contact with those leads which can compensate and be profitable for their business and helps in raising their production.

    In this hustle of growing business, business owners generally look for such technologies which can provide quality and suitable leads to them from all over the world or from their locality, and to helps such business clients LeadAngel provide cutting-edge technologies which are created by using high-level AI.

    ‘Fuzzy Matching Algorithm’ or ‘Fuzzy Logic’ ( is one of their technologies that is used when there are many uncertainty in data and to match company data with provided database. It is a process of filtering out unmatchable data from databases and organizing leads which are more preferable for business clients.

    It helps in identifying data with certain parameters like:
    1. email and web domain matching,
    2. suffixes present in company names,
    3. geographically spelled words in the name,
    4. Nicknames.
    and some other parameters are provided by LeadAngel’s software, and it also provides rule and data dictionary to their clients, to match company names by performing some settings like Strict Matching, Moderate Matching, and Lenient Matching which can be chosen by clients according to their desire.

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