Where in the Real World MongoDB is used?


MongoDB has become very popular with its document oriented features and it is one of the newest competitors in the field of data storage. Full stack developers need to work with MongoDB as versatile knowledge makes salary go to the sky heights. Currently many real world companies are using MongoDB. eBay is a multinational customer sale company that uses MongoDB. Merchandising categorization, cloud management, metadata storage, search suggestions are some of the projects running in MongoDB. The top online photo sharing platform, Shutterfly uses MongoDB to manage and store more than 6 billion pictures and it has a transaction rate of upto 10,000 operations per second. Shutterfly has shifted from Oracle to MongoDB because moving to a non-relational database will increase their performance, productivity and scalability. India’s Unique Identification project also known as Adhar is the biggest biometric database in the world. To store a massive amount of data of India’s 1.2 billion population Adhar has been using MongoDB and managing images with the help of it. Many companies hiring certified MongoDB professionals to make use of MongoDB and i2tutorials provides authentic MongoDB tutorials for its learners.

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