Which are the must try food restaurants in Vadodara?


Here is a list of must try food restaurants in Vadodara that are counted as signature ones in the hospitality industry of the city:
24 Carats
24 Carats is a casual dining restaurant in Vadodara offering Chinese, Continental, Oriental and North Indian cuisine. 24 Carats is recognized as a non-vegetarian’s paradise too. Each dish at 24 Carats is priced around 120 INR – 250 INR. So, families, friends and corporates when looking for affordable yet luxurious eat out experiences, often count on 24 Carats.
Fiorella Italian Restaurant
Fiorella is an Italian restaurant located at the heart of Vadodara with posh décor and extra luxurious arrangement. The average pocket pinch at Fiorella, Vadodara is 1500 INR for two people. Pizza and Pasta are two star attractions here. Fiorella serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variant of Italian food. Fiorella, Vadodara is located at Hotel Express Residency, Alkapuri.
Bayleaf Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
Bayleaf multi-cuisine restaurant at Hotel Express Residency is also a must try food restaurant in Vadodara. Their quality of food and service has received appreciation from critics. Bayleaf offers Continental, European and North Indian food. Bayleaf serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
Mandap Gujarati Thali Restaurant
In this list of the must try food restaurants in Vadodara, the last one is Mandap. Mandap serves Gujarati thali food and in unlimited quantity. The menu of Mandap is unique every time you step in. The food has authentic taste and the restaurant has a very desi interior set up. Pocket pinch at Mandap for two people is approximately 600-800 INR.
This list of must try food restaurants in Vadodara is listed by Express Hotels India. When in the city of Baroda or in Vadodara, do try visit these 4 must try food restaurants for an extraordinary culinary experience.

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