Which companies offer VoIP Calling Services in India?

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    In India, you’ll find various reputable VoIP calling service providers, and the ideal choice depends on your specific requirements. Here are some well-known options:

    JioMeet: Reliance Jio’s JioMeet provides top-notch video and voice calling services, complete with screen sharing and collaborative features.

    Airtel BlueJeans: Airtel BlueJeans is a dependable VoIP calling service, catering to smooth video and audio conferencing needs for businesses.

    BSNL Wings: BSNL Wings extends VoIP calling services within India, enabling users to make unlimited video and voice calls through smartphones or computers.

    Tata Tele Business Services: Tata Tele Business Services offers a variety of VoIP solutions, including audio and video conferencing, cloud telephony, and virtual office options.

    Effebot: Though not exclusive to India, Effebot is recognized globally for its reliable VoIP calling services, delivering high-quality video and audio calls and an array of collaboration features.

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