Why Al Montazah Parks Deserve a Visit


Al Montazah Park in Sharjah is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Located opposite Flag Island, overlooking the Blue Souk, this sprawling park consists of two segments that offer a medley of amusement attractions and water rides. Here are few reasons why it should be a must-visit attraction in every Sharjah visitor’s travel list:

Sharjah is majorly known for its cultural prominence. The emirate’s cultural attractions are balanced with an epic recreational avenue at Al Montazah Park. The arena is filled with fun and merriment based on fabled stories of pearls, pirates, and magic.

Al Montazah Park is brimming with an assortment of rides and attractions spread throughout park’s two main zones – The Islands of Legends and Pearls Kingdom. The rides and thrills have something to offer every age group thus making it one of the finest family recreational attractions.

Al Montazah Park is huge! With over 35 rides and water slides, and an assortment of entertainment shows and picnic activities which are spread throughout 126000 square meters of land, a day spent at this mega park in Sharjah is worthwhile every penny spent.

This attraction is one of the best tourist places in Sharjah to take respite from the heat and chill in soothing pools of the water park and enjoy splashing fun with the family. The park is also located strategically for ease of accessibility from the neighboring emirates as well

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