Why is fuzzy matching company names such a big issue?


Complexities faced by users during fuzzy/company name matching?

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  1. Before jumping into answer let us first understand what does ‘Fuzzy or Company Name Matching’ really mean?

    Let us take an example of a person’s name to understand ‘Company Name Matching’ method in better way, like ‘Julliana’, she maybe having some nicknames given by her parents and friends like, ‘Jules’, ‘Julie’,’ Jully’ and so on. Here the goal of name matching will be to look through these variations of name and associating with correct name i.e., ‘Julliana’.

    Company Name Matching Algorithm works in same way but it is not as easy as it seems to us, like in database, names generally act as unique identifiers, which means while name matching the database might rely on a name to look up a record. Moreover, when we use automation tools, we rely on the ‘name’ token to find the personalize the email, leaving no space for errors. By doing such things means business can face problems in their income.

    Why name matching is a complicated procedure?

    Name variation happens because of number of reasons: first reason could be intentions of user. Some users tend to provide their nickname in spite of providing their real name, which is a common problem found in filling up online business related forms. Providing false information regardless of user’s business size, type or industry have a high chances of false of inaccurate data.

    Having complexities in data types, data formats and data sources has complicated name matching challenges, some of common issues faced during company name matching are:

    1. Typos: Sometimes we are not even aware that we had made an error like (taking the above example of name) writing ‘Juliana’ as ‘Julina’.

    2. Phonetic: Names sounds name in audio calls like for an example, is it ‘Caralisa’ or ‘Karalisa’? ‘Gery’ or ‘Gray’? Some names sounds alike but are spelled in different way. If someone making an entry through call then neglecting the correct spelling of their name can cause loss.

    3. Nickname: This is a common issue done by users as they get so used to by their nicknames that they starts using their nick name in entries too, like suppose client named ‘Michle’ may use his nickname ‘Mike’ in spite of his real name because he gets habitual with his nickname, which may cause error.

    The above mentioned issues are best examples which may provide blockage in process of matching of name.

    Similarly, LeadAngle’s Company Name Matching software (https://www.leadangel.com/data-sheet/fuzzy-match-algorithm/) provides you solutions related matching names of company which produce fast and accurate matches as well as it is flexible for different needs. Its Machine Learning has its big role in providing accurate and expected results to users. Its software is achieved by hundreds of matching rules and thousands of data points. To read more about the rules while matching company name, you can check on to its page.

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