Why Oxygen Absorber Use As Life Extender For Food Storage?

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  1. Oxygen also supports the growth of microorganisms and causes extreme changes in the odour, taste, colour and structure of the packed food products. Here the oxygen absorber takes the stand by safely handling the enclosed packages, decreasing the oxygen level and ensuring an extended shelf-life. However, shelf-life is a key element in the food packaging process to ensure that the freshness and safety of the food are maintained when it reaches the consumer.

    An oxygen absorber is primarily designed to prolong the food’s shelf-life and prevent changes in the food’s colour, taste and odour. It even prevents the packed food from becoming rancid and the growth of aerobic microorganisms such as fungi. An oxygen absorber comprises powered irons, which work to eliminate oxygen within a confined environment. Therefore, an oxygen absorber absorbs the excess oxygen and effectively reduces the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen.

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