What Are The Essential Benefits of Sustainable Eating?


Regenerative farmers limit the use of additives & adulterant substances and focus on caring for their land. This makes the food produced much more pure in it’s variety, higher inessential nutrients and absent of chemicals likely to affect your gut microbiome. If you consider sustainable eating Australia and rejig your food shopping routine to consists of morelocally grown foods such as fruit and vegetables, condiments and sauces, cakes and bakery items and regeneratively farmed animal proteins; you can be sure you are supporting the environment to repair and replace what we are taking from it.

The farming methods used to grow food that has the best impact on the land, the food supply and our bodies is known as organic farming NSW and regenerative agriculture. In this farming the food is produced and stocked avoiding the usage of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or modified orgasm. This type of farming consists of using resources such as compost or manure. Regenerative and organic farming also has several environmental benefits such as water conversion, improving soil organic matter, lesser soil erosion & biodiversity. It also has various benefits in terms of energy use. It requires only a pure manure & compost to achieve nitrogen rich soil instead of using heavy fertilizers which also requires the extra cost of manufacture and transportation of these products.

There is increasing research looking at the positive impact this food has on our human gut microbiome.

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